Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Hi everyone:) My name is Hyerim from South Korea. I am 22 years old. I have two younger brothers, mom, and dad. I transferred here(business) from Korea. Nice to meet you guys!


  1. Hi Hyerim,

    Nice to meet you! How long have you been in Milwaukee? Are you a business major?


  2. hey! Hyerim,
    i love korea and have been 2 there 1ce, and always wanna go 1more time. hehe

  3. Hyerim,
    Nice to meet you. My friend just got back from studying abroad in Korea, sounds like an amazing place. Look forward to working with you in class.

  4. hi Hyerim,

    it's nice to meet you too. i think its so cool that you are from a differnt country. how does it feel to have moved way over here to the united states?

  5. Hello there Hyerim!!

    I did three tours in Korea, spending time in Uijonbu, Seoul, Pusan, and Toudonchon - I probably didn't spell that right!:-} The best time ever was the Mud Festival. I'll never forget that!! Loved Korea, and I hope you like it here in the US! Have a great summer!